Dilly Buttermilk Sourdough Bread

Three Loaves: Dilly Buttermilk Sourdough Bread

This month’s Three Loaves recipe comes from my good friend Michael Cole. It’s this delicious Dill & Buttermilk Sourdough bread. A nice nod to San Francisco, where we met. Oh, and I met Michael over Instagram, which is just so SF. You can find Michael’s instructions below.

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Sonoma 22

Sustainable Sonoma-Cutrer Adds New Varietal, First in 42 Years!

Located in Sonoma county, tucked away in the tiny town of Windsor, is one of wine country�s biggest names in Chardonnay: Sonoma-Cutrer. Even if you�ve never heard of Sonoma-Cutrer, trust me, you�ve had their delicious wine. Their flagship wine, Russian River Ranches, is the most requested Chardonnay, according to Wine & Spirits Magazine. And it�s been that way for 22 years!

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Fungi Mutarium

Gadget Turns Plastic Into Edible Mushrooms

A team of microbiologists and designers have created a device that turns man-made trash–specifically plastics–into edible mushrooms. Not the kind you’re used to buying at the farmers market, more like something out of a Bj�rk video.

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