How to Select the Perfect Beer

In just a few days, it will be New Beer’s Eve. If you’re not familiar with this unofficial holiday, New Beer’s Eve celebrates the end of Prohibition here in the United States. It was signed into law by President Roosevelt on March 23, 1933, but more importantly, we began drinking again way before that! Sale of beer in the U.S. became legal on April 7th of that same year.

Though, beer being sold had to have an alcohol content less than 3.2% (4% ABV). If this concept seems foreign to you, just pop on over to Utah, where these limits are still observed.

On the evening of April 6, people lined up outside breweries and taverns like they were waiting to buy an iPhone, because at midnight they would be able to legally purchase beer for the first time in over 13 years. Since then, the night of April 6 has been referred to as “New Beer’s Eve” and April 7 is known as “National Beer Day.” If you want to celebrate New Beer’s Eve or National Beer Day, check out this wonderful guide by Mary Guiver of Whole Foods Market.

She’ll help you pick out the perfect brew for your par-tay! You can view a high-res version of the graphic here.

Guide to the Perfect Beer-1500x3900


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