MasterChef Recipe: Breakfast “Panna Cotta”

Inspired by the Italian dessert panna cotta, this breakfast recipe is pure indulgence. The bottom layer is a “salted” caramel made using soy sauce and brown sugar; it’s as tasty as it is weird. The middle is stuffed with creamy coconut and vanilla bean grits. And it’s all topped off with a thin layer of … Continued

Tumblr Artist Turns Food Into Amazing Art

Anyone who’s ever played with their food will have nothing but respect for Lauren Purnell’s work. The artist takes simple items found in any produce aisle and turns them into culinary canvases. The detail and accuracy is astonishing. Plus they look very tasty! The Vancouver-based artist has been creating these festive works on Tumblr for … Continued

Fruits and Vegetables You Can Forage in San Francisco

California is a pretty special place to live in, no surprise there. From sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains, this golden state has a lot to offer. More so, the food scene is as diverse as the state’s geography; San Francisco especially. You can have Mexican food, Thai, Burmese, southern Indian, or almost any cuisine delivered … Continued

Fall Down Friday – Memorial Day Edition

What day is it? That’s right it’s Friday! Do you know what that means? Time to throw a few back and maybe even fall down (definitely optional). You know what makes this Friday even better? It’s kicking off a long Memorial Day weekend!

Fall Down Friday: Vive la France

When you think of France what do you think about first? Fries, toast, and kissing I assume. No? Maybe maids seductively cleaning your apartment, oui oui! No, the correct answer is wine. Some of the world’s most famous wine comes from the many regions of the great drunken nation. From Bordeaux on the Atlantic coast … Continued

Fall Down Friday: Vegan Approved Wines

Wait, before we get started. Yes I’m a documented meat lover and this site is dedicated to you wonderful veggies out there. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love a good meatless meal, though. In fact, I try to go meatless, and even vegan, whenever I can because it’s good for me, good for Momma … Continued

Fall Down Friday… Mixed Up

This Friday I want to mix things up a little bit. Lately we’ve been reviewing sustainable wines and the occasional beer. But not all of you like to get down with the grapes and grains, oh no. Some of you out there like to fancy yourself to be a mixologist. Well if that’s the case, … Continued

Fall Down Friday

Yesterday we celebrated the coming of Spring. Well, except for those unfortunate souls in the North and on the East Coast. But, we like to keep things positive on Fall Down Fridays so let’s look ahead to what Spring means. It means breezy days on the porch. It means going for picnics in the park. … Continued