5 Fall Soups That Will Change Thanksgiving

Looking to change up Thanksgiving dinner? How about these fun fall soup recipes that are delicious and not too hard to make. From beets to Brussels to coffee, these soups are great really any time of year. 1. Golden Beet & Apple Soup This soup is hearty and fresh and built for toppings. I used … Continued

JJS Live! Season 2 Announced for Facebook Live

Ready to get cooking? Well, mark your calendars because JJS Live! Season 2 kicks off this week. From Freddie Prinze, Jr.’s new book to wine-based cocktails with Whole Foods, you don’t want to miss this season. Below is the full Facebook Live schedule. Wine-Based Cocktails with Whole Foods Market August 3rd, 2016 6:30pm PST Dive … Continued

A Practical Guide to Eating During a Drought

California is facing one of the worst droughts on record. You know, it’s the post-Apocalyptic scenario that Kevin Costner movies are made of. But if there�s a silver lining, it�s that you can help by making better water-conscious food choices.

Sustainable Sonoma-Cutrer Adds New Varietal, First in 42 Years!

Located in Sonoma county, tucked away in the tiny town of Windsor, is one of wine country�s biggest names in Chardonnay: Sonoma-Cutrer. Even if you�ve never heard of Sonoma-Cutrer, trust me, you�ve had their delicious wine. Their flagship wine, Russian River Ranches, is the most requested Chardonnay, according to Wine & Spirits Magazine. And it�s been that way for 22 years!

Gadget Turns Plastic Into Edible Mushrooms

A team of microbiologists and designers have created a device that turns man-made trash–specifically plastics–into edible mushrooms. Not the kind you’re used to buying at the farmers market, more like something out of a Bj�rk video.