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Avocado & Pineapple Smoothie

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsTotal Time5 mins

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a fresh smoothie. However, a lot of times, I find the commercial ones to be a bit too sweet. They're tasty... but more like dessert tasty. So I made this Avocado & Pineapple Smoothie with the savory in mind. Earthy avocado, fresh spinach and almond milk help keep this blended treat well balanced.

Avocado Pineapple Smoothie 2 3

 1 avocado
 1 cup pineapple chunks
 ½ cup pineapple juice
 1 cup fresh spinach, chopped
 1 banana
 ½ cup almond milk

Simply add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and whipped. Just add more almond milk for desired consistency. I garnished mine with pineapple chunks and chia seeds. Yum!

Avocado Pineapple Smoothie 1


Avocado Pineapple Smoothie 2 2

Nutrition Facts

Servings 1