Kumquat Salsa

Recipe by: Jerry James Stone | Written May 8, 2013

Kumquat. Bleh…I really hate that word. Well, I don’t hate it as much as I just laugh like a 9-year-old boy when I say it! That said, I do love these little buggers. So tasty!

And so is this salsa. Fresh and tart, this salsa just screams for a warm day and some cerveza. Serve it up at your next picnic.



2 cups kumquats
1 cup cilantro, losely chopped
1 cup red onions, quartered
4 cloves garlic, peeled
1 serrano pepper, sliced
½ teaspoon sea salt

Total Time:

5 minutes

5 minutes
Recipe Type:
  1. To determine whether or not you can just toss your kumquats in the food processor or if they require an extra step, you are going to have to cut a few open first. Slice 2 or 3 open and check to see if the seeds are huge or not. It really varies. Usually, the larger the kumquats the larger the seeds. And this part is up to you, but depending on the size of the seeds...you might want to seed them first. To do this, just slice them and half and remove as many as you can. If the seeds are tiny, they probably won't affect the salsa much. 

  2. Add the 4 cloves of garlic, serrano chile and 1 cup of cilantro to the food processor and chop it. Don't overly do it. You still need to chop the red onion and kumquats but I do this first to help release the oils found in these items. 

  3. Now add your red onion and kumquats, chopping them. Have I mentioned that I really hate the word kumquat? 

  4. Toss the salsa with the 1/2 teaspoon of salt and serve.Enjoy! 



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