Baked Pumpkin Cheese Fondue

Recipe by: Jerry James Stone | Written November 14, 2011

Simple and festive, this fall cheese fondue is infused with aromas of pumpkin.


1 small Pie pumpkin
1 Clove garlic
1 cup dry Chardonnay
2 cups Brie, outer rind removed and cubed
1 tablespoon cornstarch
2 tablespoons kirsch
1 baguette

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  1. Rub a saucepan with 1 clove of garlic. 

  2. Add 1 cup of dry Chardonnay and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and warm over a low heat. Do not let the mixture boil. 

  3. Add 2 cups of Brie one handful at a time while slowly increasing the heat. Do not let it boil. 

  4. Turn off heat and finish with 2 tablespoons of kirsch. 

  5. Using a pencil or a sharpie, mark 1 pie pumpkin around the top. 

  6. Carefully carve out the top. 

  7. Scoop out all of the pumpkin seeds and the stringy flesh so that only the meat of the pumpkin is left intact. 

  8. Fill the pumpkin with baguette slices and fondue. Think of it like French Onion Soup – you want enough bread so that it pokes out a bit. 

  9. Place the pumpkin in a baking dish and bake it in a pre-heated oven at 375 degrees for about a half hour. You want the top to form a crust but the pumpkin should still have structure to it. 


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