Kumquat & Mint Margarita

Recipe by: Jerry James Stone | Written May 22, 2015

Despite having the worst name for a fruit… ever, this Kumquat & Mint Margarita is hella tasty. It’s the end of kumquat season, so hurry up and buy some now. You are gonna wanna get your mouth on this. #TWSS



10 kumquats, sliced
2 mint leaves
4 ounces reposado tequila
1 lime, juiced (more for garnish)
¾ teaspoon simple syrup
½ ounce Grand Marnier
2 Dashes Angostura bitters

Total Time:

5 minutes

5 minutes
1 cocktail 
Recipe Type:
  1. Add the sliced kumquats to a mixing glass. I really do hate that name... and I usually love inappropriate stuff. It sounds like something you do in a porno: cum squats? Like the name Cleveland Steamer was taken, so they called it a kumquat. Eww! 

    NOTE: FACT: While kumquats were originally part of the Citrus family, that changed in 1915, and they were given their very own genus, Fortunella. So, yes, they look like tiny little oranges... but they aren't. So stop calling them that!
  2. Add in the fresh mint and about 1 ounce of the tequila. Muddle the kumquats and mint leaves until most of the kumquats have broken down. 

  3. Add the remaining 3 ounces of tequila, the lime juice, 3/4 teaspoon of simple syrup, 1/2 ounce of Grand Marnier, and a few dashes of Angostura bitters. Cover and shake the hell out of the cocktail for about 10 seconds. 

  4. Strain into a glass that has been rimmed with salt (why does that sound dirty?) and filled with ice. Garnish the drink with sliced kumquats and a lime wedge. 

  5. Enjoy! 


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