Egg in a Basket

Recipe by: Jerry James Stone | Written April 6, 2013

Quite possibly one of the best breakfast ideas ever. Not that eggs and toast on their own are bad but Egg in a Basket just takes that combo to a hole (no pun intended) new level. And I just love that part where the bread has absorbed the egg white and gets all fried. Yum!



1 egg
1 slice of bread
½ tablespoon butter

Total Time:

10 minutes

5 minutes
5 minutes
1 egg in a basket 
Recipe Type:
  1. This is probably the most important part of making this dish--the size of your hole. Er, the bread's hole. You know what I mean! You want the hole big enough to hold the egg and fry it in the bread but not SO big that it doesn't fill the hole. Making the hole too small has the opposite affect, and the egg overruns. I like biscuit cutters for this because they have many different sizes but you can use a pint glass or whatever. 

  2. Add the butter to your frying pan and melt it over a medium-high heat. I add in the bread and toast both sides before adding the egg, but this isn't required. It is just a preference. If you do this, you might need a bit more butter for frying the egg itself. 

  3. Crack the egg into the "basket" and let it cook until the white are set. Or you can flip it. 

  4. How tasty does that look? 



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