How to Peel Kiwi

Kiwifruit is a welcome winter treat. But it’s also a difficult fruit to enjoy. Peeling it can be a mess. With very little effort, you can easily waste a lot of it just trying to trim and clean it for eating. This tip on peeling kiwifruit will not only save your kiwis but also time and money.

1. Take the kiwifruit and trim off the ends. By the way, to select a ripe kiwifruit, using your palm and the pad of your thumb apply light pressure to a kiwi. Do not use your fingertips! Feel for soft squishy spots. The skin should also be taut and not wrinkled.


2. Using a spoon, slide it between the skin and the flesh. See the video for how to do this.

3. Rolling the kiwifruit in your hand, turn the spoon around the flesh while keeping the spoon pressed firmly against the inside of the skin.

4. Once you have gone around the whole fruit, it will just slide outside of the skin. It is ready for slicing or whatever you have planned.

Sliced Kiwifruit

I am going to make popsicles!

Kiwi Popsicle