How to Store Asparagus for Weeks

In this cooking tip, I show you how to keep asparagus fresh for weeks using items you already have in your house. It is so easy and cuts down on food waste.

California Asparagus Season

It’s springtime and asparagus is in season. California is blessed with a long harvest period for asparagus that runs from January to June. That means for half the year we have access to this crisp and healthy vegetable grown right here in our state.

Asparagus is a fantastic side. It pairs well with other bold flavors like fish, garlic, and chili peppers but can also shine on its own alongside subtle accents like olive oil, hollandaise, or butter. This is due in part to asparagus’s flavor but also to its crunchy texture.

Keeping Asparagus Fresh

To enjoy that texture you’ll need to keep your asparagus fresh. And the key to keeping your asparagus fresh is holding in its moisture for as long as possible. In this blog post, you’ll learn two reliable methods for keeping your asparagus enjoyably crisp for longer.

Paper Towel Method

This first method is a quick and simple way to keep your asparagus fresh for a few extra days.

First, dampen a paper towel, then wrap it around the woody base of your asparagus bunch. This will slow the drying process from your spears by keeping their most vulnerable spot moist. Then place the bunch in an open paper bag and refrigerate. This will help your asparagus hold its moisture better for a few extra days.

Cut Flowers Method

This second method is a tried-and-true technique for extending the storage life of your asparagus. It’s the one I always use and it keeps my asparagus fresh for an additional week.

Step One

Cut around 1 inch off the woody end of your asparagus spears. A single cut through your asparagus bunch with a good kitchen knife should do the job.

Step Two

Acquire a mason jar or other container and fill the bottom with about an inch of water. Then place your asparagus bunch stems-down into the container so that the cut ends of the spears are well below the waterline. You will end up with something that looks like flowers in a vase.

Step Three

With a small plastic bag, loosely cover the exposed tips of your asparagus bunch. The bag should not be airtight over the bunch, it’s only necessary to keep airflow from drying out the surface of your spears. Then place your asparagus bunch upright in your refrigerator.

Fight Food Waste

Our state is a garden when it comes to produce and we should be taking advantage of all the healthy fruits and vegetables grown in California. Food waste is still a problem though, which is why it’s important to store your produce properly. Now that your asparagus will keep fresh, remember to pick a recipe and get to eating.

As always, enjoy!