Can You Eat Kiwi Skin?

The skin of kiwifruit (also known as the Chinese gooseberry) is packed with fiber, folate, and antioxidants, making it very nutrient-dense. The fruit itself is about the size of an egg, has green or yellow flesh, and is a sweet-tart treat and locally available in the U.S. during the winter months. Most American-grown kiwifruit comes from California, which is responsible for about 98% of the production.

But that fuzzy peel, can you eat it?

The answer: yes! Yes, yes you can eat the peel from kiwi. It might be unpleasant as it’s a little tough and furry but completely edible. That said, the fact that they look like balls doesn’t help. #justsaying

Should You Eat Kiwi Skin?

The peel from kiwifruit has a high concentration of nutrients, especially fiber, folate, and vitamin E. Eating the fruit’s skin can increase its fiber content by 50%, boost folate by 32%, and raise vitamin E concentration by 34%, compared to eating just the flesh alone. If you are looking to get more out of your food, chocking down that kiwi skin is a good start.

The skin also holds many antioxidants. In fact, there is a higher concentration of antioxidants in the skin than in the flesh of the fruit itself. The skin is a particularly good source of two major antioxidants: vitamin C and — again — vitamin E .

Sure, not as tasty. Kinda furry. Looks like balls. But the skin is so nutrient-packed, tossing it out is a waste…a food waste.

How to Eat Kiwi Skin

America tosses out 40% of the food produced in this country. Here is a great video breaking down U.S. food waste, if I do say so myself. So consuming edible items usually tossed in the bin is a great way to combat unnecessary waste.

For example, you can eat carrot greens, radish greens, and even the peel from kiwifruit. But how?

First, straight up, just eat it like an apple. If you can get past the tougher skin and fuzz, you don’t even have to bother peeling it. And we all know, peeling kiwi can be a bit of a hassle.

You can also remove the fur, well, some of the fur. You can rub the fruit with a towel or vegetable brush or even scrape it with a spoon. These methods take off some of the fuzz but not all. Also, it’ll look like you are rubbin’ balls, and that’s just damn funny.

Maybe you can just shave them? #JK4EVER

How to Peel Kiwi

I suggest just preparing it as you always have or trying one of my food hacks for removing the peel. Then save the peels for later use. Here are a few ways to easily remove that kiwi skin.

Pairing Knife Method

Probably the most common and obvious method. Taking a small pairing knife, you can slice away the skin.

Glass Method

You still need the knife for this method. Cut the fruit in half, then use a small glass to remove the peel by sliding the fruit down the side of it.

Spoon Method

This isn’t the kind of spooning you are thinking of. You still need a knife, though. Slice off the ends, insert the spoon between the flesh and skin, and rotate the fruit, removing the peel.

The peel can then be blended into smoothies, a simple and quick way to get all the health benefits without feeling like your chomping on balls. Use em’ up immediately or freeze them for later use: either way, more nutrients in your diet, less food waste, and again…no balls.



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