Free Online Cooking Classes

Cooking is hard. But it doesn’t have to be! I love to cook and sharing my passion for it is so much fun. Won’t you join me?

Homemade food tastes better, costs less, and is a lot healthier. So why not join me for my free online cooking classes. We’ll make delicious seasonal recipes and go over some kitchen hacks along the way! Plus we’ll have lots of laughs too. You can join in from your computer, tablet, or phone.

How to Participate

1. Follow me on Facebook. No extra software needed.
2. RSVP for the free event. No gimmicks or anything to sign up for. 100% free!
3. You can watch live (or at your convenience).

About Me

I simply love to cook. And I love sharing my knowledge with others. Here are some of the other classes I have taught: Thai Tea Cocktails, Vegan Halloween Treats, and Vegetarian Thanksgiving Appetizers. I started this blog three years ago and produced my first cookbook shortly after. Last year I did a free vegan cookbook with actor Ed Begley, Jr.

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