5 Simple School Lunch Hacks

5 simple school lunch hacks

We are all busy. So packing a healthy, tasty lunch for your kids (or yourself) isn’t always easy. Well, these lunch hacks change all of that. They are simple to do and make eating a home-brought lunch a lot more fun.

Eat an Apple a Day

We should all eat more apples. Thanks to this simple trick, doing so just got easier. Slice up an apple using an apple divider and then reassemble the apple using a rubber band.

First off, this cuts waste as no plastic bag is needed for those apple slices but it also keeps the apple from browning.

sliced apple lunch hack

Cookie Cutter Fruit & Cheese

Cookie cutters are a great way to make healthier options such as fruit or bread a lot easier, and more fun, to eat. Kids will love this. Who am I kidding, I love it too.

cookie cutter fruit

Travel Ready Veggies & Dip

Whether you dip your veggies in hummus, peanut butter, or ranch dressing, this simple hack makes transporting your favorite dip a breeze. It keeps everything tidy.

This is probably my favorite lunch hack. I do love peanut butter on my veggies.

veggies and dip lunch hack

DIY Ice Pack

Say goodbye to complicated lunch pails or those chemical ice packs with this easy DIY sponge ice pack. Simply soak the sponge in water, place it in a plastic bag, then plop it in the freezer the night before.

Best part about this, for those anal retentive types (I mean me), you have a wet sponge to wipe up your desk or lunch area with afterwards.

sponge ice packs

Reduce and Reuse

Upcycle those yogurt cups into something else. They make perfect snack containers for crackers, nuts, or dried fruit. This way you get a few uses out of them before they get recycled.

If they are cups with lids, you are set. For those with peel away tops, I simply cover them with plastic wrap and use a rubber band to secure it. You should have those on hand for your travel apples anyway.

 yogurt cup lunch hack