Fruits and Vegetables You Can Forage in San Francisco

fallingfruit loquats

California is a pretty special place to live in, no surprise there. From sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains, this golden state has a lot to offer. More so, the food scene is as diverse as the state’s geography; San Francisco especially. You can have Mexican food, Thai, Burmese, southern Indian, or almost any cuisine delivered to your door instantly.

But what really makes this region shine is the produce. We have some of the greatest you’ll ever find! Best part… some of it is free! Yes, you can simply forage for your favorites, no questions asked.

Caleb Phillips, one of the co-founders of, shared some of his Bay Area favorites with me, and when you can find them in season. If you’re a fan of this type of information, support their fundraising campaign, and help others eat locally around the world. BTW, Caleb took the photo of the loquats pictured above.

Apples: September
Apricots: Mid June
Artichokes: April/May & June/July
Avocados: Sept
Berries: July
Carob: May/June (Green)-August/September (Brown)
Cherries: June
Citrus: Year Round (best in December)
Dandelion: May-June
Dates: June
Fejoia: November/December
Figs: September
Grapes: September
Herbs (Rosemary, Sage, etc.): Year-round
Ice-Plant (yes, it’s edible!): Year-round
Loquats: May
Mulberries: May/June
Olives: September
Peaches: September
Pears: August/September
Persimmon: October-November
Peruvian/Brazillian Pink Peppercorns: Year-round
Plums: Late June – August
Pomegranates: September-October
Strawberries: May/June
Strawberry Tree: July-September
Walnuts: August


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