Fall Down Friday

Article by: Jerry James Stone | Written March 14, 2014


Happy Pi Day! What better way to celebrate than with a slice of your favorite pi[e] and an adult beverage? I know what I’ll be doing tonight. First things first, though, today I wanted to help you find some tasty, sustainable drinks that will help you celebrate. Drink it up, friends!

2010 Daou Vineyards Chemin de Fleurs

daou-chemin-de-fleursChemin de Fleurs” is French for “way of the flowers” and if a full bodied wine, floral mouth explosion is what you enjoy, this will help you savor any dessert. In fact, it could almost stand alone and provide a liquid version of pie today, if wasting one of your two cup-holding hands is an inconvenience. Try a little honey-drizzled, stinky cheese with it and you’ll be well on your way to Falling Down this Friday.

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2012 Burbank Ranch Arneis “Little Rascal”

2012 Burbank Ranch ArneisLike fruits? Like rascals? Me too! Come to the Castro with me sometime. But if you’re looking for it in a bottle, Burbank Ranch has both in its “Little Rascal” Arneis. Strong peach aromas start you off and it continues through the mouth with a nutty, minerality palate.

Appreciate every sip because the arneis grape this trouble maker comes from isn’t as easy to grow as it is for you to throw back. You can rest easy, though, because Burbank Ranch has taken all the steps needed to become SIP certified, ensuring that they’ve been good to Mother Nature while bringing you this Pi Day treat. Grab yourself a glass (or three) and have some peach cobbler in a glass tonight.

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Bison Brew Organic Chocolate Stout

bison-brew-chocolate-stoutMaybe dessert isn’t how you want to celebrate today’s holiday. Maybe instead you were thinking of grabbing a different type of pie. Or maybe you’re celebrating Man Valentine’s Day today. If your Fall Down Friday is going to include some ‘za or something off the grill, make sure to finish each bite with a swallow of Bison Brew’s Chocolate Stout. Smooth, dark, and slow pouring, this beer goes great with mushrooms and other earthy foods. You can even pair it with some pies, such as french silk or cheesecake. No matter how you plan to indulge, make sure you have your big kid pants on, this beer brings it.

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How will you be celebrating 3.14?