Holidazed, with Foreword by Michelle Branch, Now Available for Download

It’s here. It is finally here! Holidazed is now available for purchase, well, sorta.

The e-book is now available for the Kindle at Amazon.com. The printed books are coming, I promise. We received the first batch a week ago but there were only 300 or so in the box. We sent those to our Kickstarter backers as the book wouldn’t even be available if it weren’t for them. We will receive the remainder mid-January and those will be available then. Sorry for the delay.

Michelle Branch and Jerry James Stone

Now that Holidazed is printed and the e-book is available, I am sorta reminiscing about these past few years. For example, when I met Michelle Branch about two years ago, the thought of having a food blog of my own never really crossed my mind. Or a cookbook, for that matter. Or even more absurdly, being at the same Oscar party as her and her sister just a few months later. But it all happened.

Not only that, she was kind enough to pen the foreword for my book. You just never know what life is going to throw your way. And I agree with her, we need more pics! The more ridiculous the better.

I feel pretty f*cking grateful today. Great family, amazing friends and everything else. The best way to start the holiday… er, holidaze.

I hope yours is just as special…