Strawberry Yogurt & Honey Panna Cotta (No Gelatin)

Article by: Tara McFatridge | Written May 23, 2019

Looking for a healthy dessert that is tasty AF, packed with pro biotics, and not overflowing with processed sugar? This lassi-based panna cotta is the recipe for you. Lassi and honey are used to make a creamy, decadent panna cotta that is topped off with a strawberry glaze. Easy to make, and vegetarian unlike classic … Continued

How to Store Onions for 6 Months

Article by: Tara McFatridge | Written May 19, 2019

Stored properly, onions can last for months…six months. In this video I go over how to store them, where to and not to store onions, and what produce to not store them next to.

Classic Pound Cake Recipe

Article by: Tara McFatridge | Written May 18, 2019

Who doesn’t love a good pounding…er, pound cake. In this recipe, Jason Barrows of shows you how to make a classic pound cake. All you’ll need next is some homemade whipped cream and berries.

How to Store Fresh Garlic For 6 Months

Article by: Tara McFatridge | Written May 11, 2019

Storing fresh garlic is a little tricky but with these simple tips you can have fresh garlic around for up to six months. If you are a garlic lover then you need to watch this how to video.

Peanut Butter Hummus Dip (Kid-Friendly)

Article by: Tara McFatridge | Written May 9, 2019

Getting adults to eat healthy is hard. It is even harder for kids. This peanut butter hummus recipe is packed with chickpea protein, healthy, and tasty as heck. Get your carrot and celery sticks ready to dip… dip it hard.

Roasted Radishes with Pesto (Vegan)

Article by: Tara McFatridge | Written May 4, 2019

Radishes like you have never had them! Roasted and delicious with a creamy pesto made from the radish greens. This side dish is yummy, vegan, and fights food waste!

Asparagus Parmesan Fries Recipe

Article by: Tara McFatridge | Written May 2, 2019

Here’s a completely new kinda fry. Fresh asparagus battered and rolled in crunchy breadcrumbs and nutty Parmesan cheese and baked to perfection. Perfect as a snack or a side dish.

Roasted Radishes with Lemon, Goat Cheese & Yogurt

Article by: Tara McFatridge | Written April 27, 2019

Yogurt dishes don’t always need to be sweet, and this recipe is proof. Lovely Easter radishes roasted to perfection and then layered over a whipped goat cheese and Greek yogurt mixture that has a bit of lemon zest to brighten it up. I think you’re going to love it.