Holidazed: A Cocktail Cookbook for Getting Lit on Christmas

With over 65 recipes, welcome to your survival guide for the holiday season!

Holidazed is chock-full of original drink recipes featuring festive and seasonal creations, hand-picked favorites from Cooking Stoned, and some fun twists on the classics. Along with the usual cocktail fare, there are appetizers, popsicles, and other treats to help you soak up that booze. Well, at least some of it. Plus, this cookbook is packed with so much food porn, you’re going to need a clean set of knickers.

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The book includes the following:

  • Foreword by Grammy Award-winning singer Michelle Branch.
  • Brief history of cocktails.
  • Complete guide to glassware and barware.
  • Shaken vs. stirred tutorial.
  • Guide to dry and liquid measurements.
  • Tutorial on alcohol infusions and shrubs (drinking vinegars).
  • Over 25 classic cocktail recipes.
  • Over 35 original food and drink recipes.

If you find local and seasonal ingredients important — both for their flavor and their footprint — and you want to get lit, you’re in the right spot.

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This book celebrates the almighty, powerful beet! Not to mention blood oranges, guavas, butternut squash, figs, pomegranates, and the whole bounty of winter produce. It’s about enjoying what’s within reach, and not what’s truck-ripened from some galaxy far, far away.

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It’s worth mentioning that there’s no way in hell this book could have been completed if it weren’t for the following people. First and foremost, Alex Feinberg, my partner in crime here on Cooking Stoned, for basically doing all the stuff no one else wanted to. Rory Loeb for making this collection of food porn so freakin’ hawt the pages stick together. Frances Mohr who has seen me at my best — and my worst — yet still comes around. She’s the best BFF anyone could ask for, ever. And my mom, without whose love and unconditional support, I wouldn’t be able to do all of this crazy shit in the first place.

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But this book wouldn’t have ever been started in the first place if it weren’t for Kickstarter and it’s many supporters. I would like to personally thank the following people for contributing to the campaign and for making Holidazed possible.

9A Bunko Girls
A. Yellis
Adam Keim
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