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Salad That Regrows Itself

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsTotal Time5 mins

Veggies That Regrow Themselves 2

What if you never had to buy salad fixings again. You'll get pretty darn close using this healthy recipe. Made using fresh organic vegetables, these ingredients can easily regrow themselves with no degree from Hogwarts required. It's that simple!


Veggies That Regrow Themselves 2 1

 1 head of romain lettuce, chopped
 1 celery ribs, sliced
 1 green onion, sliced with greens chopped
 3 mushrooms, sliced
 4 Cherry Tomatoes
 2 tablespoons Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing
 handful of croutons (optional)

This recipe was inspired by fruits and vegetables easily regrown from their kitchen scraps. Want to add more veggies than this recipe asks for? The image below shows you all of the possibilities. And be sure to check out the infographic for complete growing instructions.


Combine all of the chopped veggies in a large mixing bowl and add 1 tablespoon of the ranch dressing. Using two large wooden spoons, toss the salad until all ingredients are lightly coated. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, if desired, and lightly toss once more.

Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing 2 3


Plate the salad with croutons and drizzle it with the remaining salad dressing, then serve.


Salad That Regrows Itself 2 1

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