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Best Toast with Butter

Yields1 ServingPrep Time1 minCook Time5 minsTotal Time6 mins

Sadly, bad soggy toast is a thing. It may seem simple but we've all had otherwise. Here are a few tips to making the perfect piece of toast every time.

Best Toast with Butter Video 1

 Butter, softened & unsalted
 Flaky salt

Start with your favorite type of bread. Place the bread in the toaster and toast the bread to your desired toastiness. I mean, you really can't mess this part up.


Once the bread is toasted, spread the toast with unsalted room temperature butter. It’s important to use room temperature butter as it will spread evenly across the bread.


Cold butter will not spread as easily, and likely tear the bread when using it. If you wait for the heat from the toast to soften the butter, the bread will be cold by then. Nobody wants that.


Sprinkle with flaky salt to taste.



Nutrition Facts

Servings 1