2013 Cass Winery Roussanne

VARIETAL Roussanne
REGION Paso Robles
LIFESTYLE Conventional
Roussanne is an amazing white wine varietal, specifically a Rhone varietal. It’s referred to as such, simply because it originates from the Rhone region of France. But it does just fine in Paso Robles. The 2013 Cass Winery Roussanne is a bit stereotypical of the varietal, with honey, apricot, tropical fruit, and a hint of wet stone on the nose and palate. However, this wine is anything but. It’s smooth and balanced, like a good lover.
|Written February 26, 2014


SIP Certified
Cass Winery

Perfect for all occasions, serve this wine chilled in the heat of summer or at room temperature in the middle of winter. When cooled, you’ll get a glass full of crisp apricot and tropical fruit but at room temp you get the viscous honey. While the fruit was harvested late, sugar levels were much lower than expected. Cold fermented in stainless steel, it shows its true colors.

Cass Winery

OMG… I want more wine NOW!

A great thing about this Roussanne being estate grown (meaning grown on the Cass property), is that it’s SIP Certified! Cass Winery practices sustainable farming on its 160-acre vineyard, via the SIP Certification requirements, which are a bit extensive, yet necessary. All wineries should be doing this. SIP Certified sustainable vineyards and wines is about great wines, healthy vineyards and the well-being of workers (in every aspect).

The main things we get out of the SIP certification is it helps the longevity of the vineyard by promoting soil health and water conservation, it helps preserve the local environment through wildlife and conservation, it also promotes the health of our workplace because it rewards you for supporting your workers,” says General Manager Bryan Cass, and son of owner Steve Cass.

Cass Winery End of the Day

Do you need another reason to check Cass out? Well co-owner, Ted Plemons, is one of the biggest personalities in the Paso Robles wine scene. While it’s not uncommon to find him cruising the tasting room, you’ll hear his gregarious laugh before you see him. The whole staff is top notch.

Great wine. Sustainably handled from vineyard to workers. Awesome people. Cheers to Cass for making it happen!


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