2012 Broken Earth Chardonnay

VARIETAL Chardonnay
REGION Paso Robles
LIFESTYLE Conventional
ABV 14.5%
Chardonnay sometimes gets a bad rap from the ABC (anything but Chardonnay) people out there. Often that’s due to the dislike of the wine being “over-oaked”. Personally I really enjoy the diversity of Chard, from those done in stainless steel (no oak) to those done in nothing but oak. This 2012 Broken Earth Chardonnay has a nice balance of Chard spectrum.
|Written July 2, 2014




CSWA Certified
Broken Earth Winery

I find aromas of citrus, nuttiness, chalk, wet stone, lemon, and a hint of apricot. On the palate I’m getting more of that lemon and nuttiness with a nice mouth feel and good acidity. There’s nothing about this wine that is overdone. I see more of this Chard in my future with summertime ahead, chill it and kill it! At $18.00 this wine is not only a great value but the screw cap makes it great for, well, anywhere and everywhere.

If you’re ever in the Paso Robles area stop by the winery for live music, a winery tour, and some good grub in their onsite café, Gusto – Gourmet Market and Café. They have a huge tasting room and even bigger outdoor area filled with tables and chairs, beautiful landscaping, and classic Paso Robles views.

Most importantly is the fact that the folks at Broken Earth find sustainability important and are certified through the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. Starting in the vineyard, they believe that the soil will give its best only if it ‘feels’ its best, so attention to the earth’s health is critical. They also have an extensive solar program, of which the fixed-tilt photovoltaic system supplies the electricity needs for the Broken Earth Visitor Center.

In previous conversations with management they have let me know they have plans to complete other sustainable programs as well. To become certified through these different programs can be costly and time consuming but the end goal is well worth it. We can always do more when it comes to preserving and caring for this amazing planet. Cheers to Broken Earth for being part of that.

Disclaimer: Broken Earth is a client of mine, however, all opinions expressed are my own.


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